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Learn How to Become an Affiliate Marketer, Selling Other People’s Products for Profit. 

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From Merchant to affiliate network to affiliate how it works

1) What is an Affiliate Program?

An affiliate program is a way of marketing (Affiliate Marketing) goods and services by a merchant/producer or advertiser to increase the volume of sales by appointing affiliates / referrers / publishers in exchange for a commission /payout to the affiliate who promotes and sells the merchant’s products or services.

In the online world / Internet, this is done with software that tracks the affiliate links so that whenever a sale occurs by a specific affiliate it will register with the merchant or with the Affiliate network. Thus the affiliate is then paid for referring the customer/buyer who made the purchase.

Every affiliate is assigned a specific code/nickname an “affiliate ID” in order for the system to track and differentiate between affiliates. The affiliate ID is usually placed in the end of the URL (website address) such as: ID=username (names as well as numbers are assigned by the system for tracking purpose. From Merchant to affiliate network to affiliate how it works

How Affiliate Marketing Works!


 a) Finding the right affiliate program:

 2) What is an Affiliate Network?

 3) What is Affiliate Marketing?

 4) How and Where to Find Affiliate Networks



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